Best Private Schools in Bikaner

The Bikaner city is located in the northwest part of Rajasthan in India. This city is rich in historical culture and assets because it was founded by Rao Bika late in the year of 1486. The Bikaner city is fully developed and considered among the 5th most established cities of Rajasthan. This city has many big industries, rich agricultural lands and high standard education system as compared to other cities.

There are numerous schools available in the Bikaner, all schools working day and night in order to educate children’s. The schools governing body of the Bikaner city aims to provide quality education to the children’s of India. Many schools are listed among the top schools category of Bikaner and the name of Melbourne Secondary School is also listed in it. This school is equipped with high class facilities & motivated to deliver quality education.

The Melbourne Secondary School, Bikaner was established in the year of 1985. It is located in Duplex colony of Rajasthan that means everyone has an easy access to the school. The teaching staff of Bikaner city is highly motivated in order to educate the young generation of their city at best. In the same context the management of Melbourne school comes up with a massive plan because at a time almost 500 students can receive quality education. The Bikaner city has many big schools and Melbourne school is one of them.

The aim of Melbourne Secondary School, Bikaner is to educate children with the international standard quality education. Besides giving formal education, the management also conducts extracurricular activities in order to improve physical, mental, emotional & leadership quality in every single child. The principle of this school aims to build a strong character of student that can face the difficulties of life.

The management of school governing designs an integrated education system for the children’s of city, in schools every single student would be treated as special as others. In this integrated education system environment, every student has a chance to enhance his cohesive personality, leadership capability & healthy mental attitudes.

Principle of Melbourne school fulfills all the basic necessity of students within the premises of a school. Hence, it is included among the best private schools in Bikaner because of its maintained facilities & education system.

Your child can enjoy the learning environment in the schools of Bikaner. Lots of activities are going on other than schooling hours which build the interest of a student to come regularly. Extra activities like debate competition, farewell parties, sports day, a celebration of the religious event and others developed the interest of a student.

We believe that every student have a rights to receive a quality education in affordable fees. So, you pay and leave the rest of thing on us.

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